Jalaniyantrak (Automated Control Valve)

Industrial Automation Solutions

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Praestans flagship product line, especially for Waterworks applications

Typical Applications of Jalaniyantrak:

  • On-Off Operation
  • Pressure Reducing
  • Pressure Relief
  • Pressure Management (Surge or Water hammer Control)
  • Rate-Of-Flow Control
  • Level Control
  • Water Loss Management
  • Filling Station (Water Tankers etc.)

Praestans Private Limited, is the one stop solution for all your automation needs. We provide innovative, cost effective and quality solutions to suit your requirements.

We can provide solutions for:

  • Assembly Automation
  • Assembly Line Design and Automation
  • Testing Automation
  • Pick & Place Systems
  • Leak Testing Controller and Leak Testing Systems
  • Material Handling Solutions
  • Online weighing Systems